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Santa Elena

Driving Costa Rica in Rainy Season


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Of the 7 weeks that we spent in Costa Rica, only 7 days were rain free. We didn’t plan to drive through the country during peak rainy season (September and October happen to be the wettest months), but we’re actually grateful that we did. The rain makes the land so lush and green and it makes the tourist crowds much thinner. (more…)

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The Steeps, Steps, and Stares in Guatemala

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Guatemala has some of the most interesting places that we’ve seen on our Pan-American journey so far. But getting to these places has not always been easy. To reach them, we have driven up steep roads, climbed up steep steps, and endured many long stares. (more…)

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Border Crossing (Mexico to Belize): Chetumal-Santa Elena


We wrote these instructions for the benefit of other overlanders entering Belize via Chetumal, Mexico. This crossing was very smooth and easy to navigate, largely due to the English-speaking staff at the border.


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