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North America

Winnipeg Family Album


With Christmas holidays approaching, Gregor and I are thinking about our families back in Canada. We last saw them this past August when we flew back to Winnipeg for two family weddings. During our month-long visit, our relatives showered us with love and support and reminded us that – no matter what – we will always have a home in Winnipeg (or a parking spot with access to a bathroom, at least). (more…)

Boat Life on Florida’s Intracoastal Waterway

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Gregor and I were super excited when we found out that our dear friends from Calgary had purchased the sailboat of their dreams. James and Christine had been talking about sailing across the Atlantic Ocean for several years, so when they bought their first bluewater boat it felt like we were witnessing their dream coming true. Their sailing vessel is a beautifully appointed 42-foot Whitby named ‘My Destiny’.


Shipping Lucky to South America

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When Gregor first told me that there was no road connecting North America to South America, I thought he was joking. That’s ridiculous, I thought, of course there’s a road.

Well, you can’t actually drive between North and South America because of a 50-km break in the Pan-American Highway called the Darién Gap. It’s a roadless stretch of swampland and forest between Panama’s Darién province in Central America and Colombia’s Chocó department in South America. (more…)

Intro to Belize


Gregor and I were sweating inside the van, hiding from the nasty swarms of mosquitos at our campsite. It had rained the night before, and the midday heat brought out a fresh crop of the biting devils. The breeze from our little 12-volt fan was not particularly refreshing – it was just pushing hot air around. Lucky was basically a giant convection oven, roasting two traveling chickens basting in their own sweat. The hungry mosquitos outside were waiting for their lunch.