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Following their passion for travel, Canadians Gregor and Janice sold their house in Calgary, Alberta, downsized their possessions, and are seeing the world through the windshield of their 1987 Volkswagen Westfalia camper vanย ‘Lucky‘.

Gregor is a software developer and Janice is a technical writer. Both have had the good fortune of being able to work remotely while travelling in their van.

When Gregor and Janice are not working or traveling, they enjoy eating good food, going for walks, and spending quality time with friends and family.ย For them, happiness is living a simple, healthy lifestyle that is full of laughter and good intention.

This blog chronicles the adventures of a married couple who love to live, travel, and play on the road.ย In 2011, they worked remotely out of their Westy during a 3-month road trip across North America (California to Newfoundland). From 2015-2017, they spent 2 years driving Lucky through Central and South America (from Calgary, Alberta, to Ushuaia, Argentina).

Their latest adventure: Driving Lucky through Europe and Africa, starting November 2017. This portion of our trip can be found on instagram and Facebook.

You can reach Janice Liwanag and Gregor Brandtย at

10 thoughts on “About

    1. Gregor Post author

      Lousy internet here, but I had a quick look at your blog. Are you in Calgary now or still travelling?

  1. Rachel Nash

    Hey, I’m the girl you met this morning in Antigua! I hope that you were able to get everything squared away with your computer problems and that you got to enjoy the wonderful views of the volcanoes. I’ll look forward to seeing updates as your continue on!

    1. Janice

      Hi Rachel, thanks for making contact – it was great to meet you in Antigua. Yes, we managed to get our computer problems sorted out on Tuesday near San Salvador, thank goodness. Ultimately, we had to go to a Marriott hotel so that we could get the Internet we needed to restore Gregor’s system. No bombas or roosters there! Hope you get to Honduras and El Salvador safely and that you have a good summer!

  2. Paul

    Hi Janice and Gregor,

    I’ve been following your blog and look forward to new posts. My family and I (wife, two kids) are departing Virginia on August 1 for an overland trip much like yours. We will be in a 1985 Westy named Wesley.

    I’m wondering what resource you use to find your campsites. I gather that for the most part you have not been off the grid and are staying at developed, reputable camp places. How do you find them? App, book, or word of mouth?

    I look forward to following your continuing adventures. Anything I can learn from your experience will obviously make our journey a bit smoother.

    Thanks! Paul

    1. Gregor Post author

      Hi Paul,

      We use to find camping sites. Not every time, but quite often. Also, is an app on the iPhone (I think also android) that uses openstreetmap data and contains a lot of central and south america roads with routing.

      We have stayed off grid, camping on beaches and in some hotel or restaurant lots, but mostly we stick to known campgrounds or established grounds we find.


    1. Janice

      Thanks for the good wishes on our journey – WiFi time has been really limited lately so I haven’t checked out your website yet, but will do so at next opportunity!