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Shipping Lucky to South America

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When Gregor first told me that there was no road connecting North America to South America, I thought he was joking. That’s ridiculous, I thought, of course there’s a road.

Well, you can’t actually drive between North and South America because of a 50-km break in the Pan-American Highway called the Darién Gap. It’s a roadless stretch of swampland and forest between Panama’s Darién province in Central America and Colombia’s Chocó department in South America. (more…)

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The Panama Plan

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The plan was simple: 1) drive from Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast to Panama City, 2) do some interesting things along the way. What wasn’t in the plan: visiting a Panamanian hospital, performing axle surgery on Lucky, and driving across Panama twice to fix a piece of paper. Sometimes the best-laid plans don’t go according to plan. (more…)

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