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Those Beautiful Threads

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One of the things we love about Guatemala is the brightly coloured traditional dress of the Mayan women. About 40% of Guatemala’s population is Mayan, and there are 21 different Mayan groups in the country. People say you can identify a woman’s home town or village by the colours and patterns of her skirt (corte) and her traditional blouse (huipil). (more…)

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Gregor and Janice Go To School

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Before we left Canada, Gregor announced that he wanted to take Spanish lessons in Guatemala and live with a Spanish-speaking host family. So we signed up for a two-week Spanish school and homestay program in San Pedro La Laguna, Lake Atitlan. (more…)

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The Steeps, Steps, and Stares in Guatemala

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Guatemala has some of the most interesting places that we’ve seen on our Pan-American journey so far. But getting to these places has not always been easy. To reach them, we have driven up steep roads, climbed up steep steps, and endured many long stares. (more…)

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Border Crossing: Belize to Guatemala

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We wrote this post to help clarify the process for crossing the border from Belize to Melchor de Mencos, Guatemala with a vehicle. Having read various accounts of the “official” and “unofficial” costs of crossing this border, we wanted to share our research and experience so that other overlanders can prepare for their entry into Guatemala.


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