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Border Crossings


Border crossings and water crossings can be very stressful for overlanders. The additional steps and paperwork involved in bringing a vehicle across waters or borders can be confusing and nerve-wrecking. As we move along, we’ll list descriptions of crossings that were written by us or by our fellow travellers. We hope that these links are helpful to those who follow our trail.


Border Crossings

Mexico to Belize at Chetumal-Santa Elena

Belize to Guatemala at Melchor de Mencos

Guatemala to El Salvador at Valle Nuevo-Las Chinamas
by Amanda of Freedom with Bruno

El Salvador to Honduras at El Amatillo
by Martin and Nicole of My Overland Adventure

Honduras to Nicaragua at El Guasaule-Somotillo
by Martin and Nicole of My Overland Adventure

Nicaragua to Costa Rica at Peñas Blancas

Costa Rica to Panama at Sixaola-Guabito
by Karen of Trans-Americas Journey

Panama to Colombia: Shipping Across the Darien Gap (Panama Side)
by Jessica of Life Remotely

Panama to Colombia: Shipping Across the Darien Gap (Colombia Side)
by Jessica of Life Remotely


Water Crossings

Mexico: La Paz (Baja California Sur) to Mazatlan (Sinoloa)

Panama to Colombia: Shipping Lucky to South America


Experiences from Other Overlanders

Border Crossings…The Not So Glamourous Side of Overlanding
by Carrie St. Clair of Wake the Dead Diaries

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