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Pan-American Trail

Interview with Janice and Gregor on VANLIFERS series

The talented van duo of Westfalia Digital Nomads​ interviewed us and we’re featured in the latest episode of their YouTube series called VANLIFERS. Check out their feed and their blog!




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Combi Magazine Publishes Lucky’s Latin American Road Trip

Our beloved van, Lucky, is the star of an 8-page article in Combi Magazine’s fall issue! The story titled “Live Travel & Play” shares highlights from our 2-year Pan-American road trip, including our favourite driving routes, how we prepared Lucky for the journey, and what it’s like to live and work in a tiny home on wheels. (more…)

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Mission Accomplished: Ushuaia, Argentina


We made it! After 681 days, 43850 km, and $6755 CAD in gas, we arrived at the southernmost city in the world. It was a dream come true…and somewhat of a miracle. We made it the whole way without any show-stopping breakdowns, a rare occurrence for vintage vans like ours. Lucky was definitely living up to her name. (more…)

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Battling the Fickle Patagonian Weather


Gregor and I woke up feeling groggy after a bad night’s sleep in the van. Lucky rocked violently in 80-km/hr winds for most of the evening and the wind was still raging when we went out for our morning pee. The inertia was strong, but we managed to muster up enough energy to pack our daypacks and put on our hiking boots. After all, we drove all the way from Canada to see these peaks. (more…)

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Gone with the Wind: The Plains of Patagonia


To some people, the word “Patagonia” is just the name of an outdoor clothing company that makes expensive jackets and colourful urban wear. To others, the word conjures images of a mystical, far-off place filled with rock walls, pristine glaciers, and majestic condors. Gregor and I actually didn’t know where Patagonia was before we entered Argentina. All we knew was that if we kept on driving, we’d eventually get there. (more…)

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