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Henry the Second

Old, tired, abused.  Henry is not a happy plant. He has been frozen, he has been roasted in his own juices, he has suffered more than any plant should.  And yet, he lives. More than just lives, he produces new life. Yes, Henry is entering his second growth spurt.

We will do our best, this time, to ensure that he stays in a warm, temperate climate. Both day and night, Janice and Gregor will slave to see to the comfort of Henry.

We give you proud images of our growing Henry.


Henry's growth spurt


And he keeps growing

California. Fresh!

Well, it turns out that Janice really is the writer in this family. I’ve been sitting here for ½ hour trying to come up with the the words to describe the perfection of our day.

We started out in Sacramento. Now Sacramento was not in our plans, we were going to head to the coast and enjoy the drive and scenery in leisure, but our VoIP woes with Verizon would not allow it. I had to fix our connectivity issue and Sacramento was the only city near our route that had a Go-Wireless franchise, the franchise that we bought the MiFi4510L from. Long story short…I walked away from the store with a Verizon FiveSpot wifi device that worked perfectly, no charge. We are now happy…right Janice…we’re happy? 🙂 (more…)

Fixing the heater in Lucky


Ready to start removing the dashboard

One of the first things I did this winter was remove and replace the heater core and heater motor in the van. The motor was squeaking and the core was leaking.

Not a job for the faint of heart, it took me three weekends to get it all apart and then all back together again. Surprisingly I had no screws left over when the job was done. This was because I labelled everything and put all screws, bolts and connectors into separate baggies for later installation. I also labelled every wire otherwise I would have forgotten where they connected back up.

The first part of the job was to remove the seats.  This helped in giving me easy access to the dashboard and left the van looking very empty.