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Green Gardens


Volcanic rocks on the beach.

Gregor and I did a great hike in Gros Morne National Park called Green Gardens. It’s a 15.5 km loop that starts in barren alpine terrain and descends through swamp and forest, dropping 250 m to a rocky beach lined with volcanic sea stacks. It then takes you back up to lovely meadows with views of coastline cliffs along the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The loop is surprisingly strenuous. You gain and lose elevation several times on paths lined with steep stairs, wet roots, and slippery mud. You also have to ford a river twice. This hike is more challenging than the steep climb up to Gros Morne Mountain, but it’s much more scenic. I don’t think we’ve ever been on a hike with such a diverse range of natural features. Highly recommended!


Gulf of St. Lawrence behind me.


Skipping rocks into the still water.


I’ve never seen Atlantic water so still.


Hiking through meadows.


The grasses and flowers were really high.


An allergic reaction on my leg from the meadows.


Beautiful cliffs along the coastline.


The ford at Wallace Brook.


We hiked all the way to the water and back.


3 thoughts on “Green Gardens

  1. Janice S.

    Sounds beautiful, though I’m glad we didn’t do it if it was more strenous than Gros Morne!! My big toe nails are still recovering from the Gros Morne hike. Need new hiking boots for sure!