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13 Years of Marriage

Today is our 13th wedding anniversary. We spent most of the weekend in a town called Levis, just across the St. Lawrence seaway from Quebec City. Thirteen years ago, we passed through Quebec City on our honeymoon (on our way to Gros Morne, NL). On Saturday, we decided to re-trace our steps through the streets we visited in Vieux Ville de Quebec.

We took the 15-minute ferry ride from Levis to Quebec City (only $3 per person) and wandered through the quaint Old City. We stumbled upon the same place where we had eaten on our honeymoon, “Le Lapin Saute” (The Jumping Rabbit). There, we shared a tapas dish with rabbit pate, pickled carrots and onions, tapenade, smoked salmon, Quebecois cheese, and French bread. It was hot and humid (27 degrees) so we drank some refreshing sangria on the terrasse.


Ferry to Quebec City


Rue du Petit Champlain


Le Lapin Saute








The city was crawling with huge crowds of tourists just like us. It turns out that “Fete de la Nouvelle France” (Celebration of New France) was taking place in the city. There were lots of historical displays, local merchant kiosks, and live entertainment.


The locals dress this way all the time.


They carry their dead through the streets.


They flog the tourists regularly.








Gregor and I walked through the narrow streets of the historic quarter and entertained ourselves by people-watching.


Narrow streets.


Old buildings.


Classic window planters.








A day of sweating in the heat and we were exhausted. After catching the 8:30 pm ferry back to Levis, we rinsed off the sweat and sunscreen, and went straight to bed. Well, what do you expect after 13 years of marriage?

6 thoughts on “13 Years of Marriage

  1. Janice S.

    Wow — 13 years of marriage. How romantic to spend anniversary in Quebec City. Congrats to you both!

  2. Mel S

    Happy anniversary guys! You guys are the oddest and most awesome couple I know…well beside Jan and myself.

  3. Christine

    Happy anniversary guys! It sounds like you are having a great trip – I was missing your posts there for a while when you were “offline”. We’re missing you here and are looking forward to sharing some wine and hearing even more about your trip.