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On the West Coast

Well, we’ve had the new engine in the van for about 6000 km and an update is due!








The new engine, all clean and spiffy

I think it is safe to say that we are quite happy with the work that GoWesty has done.  The 2.3 litre engine produces enough power to cruise along at interstate speed with no problems…including up hills.  The extra power lets us merge properly in all conditions and is great for passing slower vehicles.

We have had only one problem with the van.  If you read the blog regularly, you’ll remember that picture of coolant leaking out of the back of the van.  We called GoWesty and they suggested that it may be the new expansion cap on the coolant expansion tank.  They offered to ship us one free, wherever we were, but we declined as it meant we had to stay in one place long enough for the shipment to reach us.  Instead, we found a new cap in Denver and installed it right away.  GoWesty was right, it was the cap and all is well now.

The nicest part about the new power, is the fuel economy.  When doing 70-75 MPH (110-120 KPH) I get a measly  19 MPG (~15 l/100km).  When doing 65 MPH (105 KPH) I get a better 22 MPG (13 l/00km). When doing 62 MPH (100 KPH) I get an amazing 25 MPG (~11 l/100km).  Now we mostly go 100 KPH and let cars pass us, its worth the cost in gas!  Before the new engine, I was able to get only about 22 MPG (13 l/100km) at best, in all conditions.


So we know have one less worry on our trip.  Our vehicle is reliable and ready to take us wherever we need to go.


7 thoughts on “Van-Again

  1. Tuan

    100 km/h!!! good for you. On highway, I often drive at 100 to 105 km/h given the cost of fuel today. I think my vehicle is most efficient at fuel consumption at around 90 km/h.

    1. Gregor Post author

      Yes, we get better mileage yet again at 90 KPH, but that is just a bit too slow 🙂

      I don’t speed anyway, so going 10 KPH under the limit doesn’t bother me at all

    1. Gregor Post author

      Hi Christine.

      We seem to be slowing dow on the blog entries. We will be putting another one up soon.

      We did get into Chicago and we had a great time. Got into a nice hotel in Oak Park, toured the Frank Lloyd Wright museum and houses. Went to the taste of Chicago and spent a night at the Kington Mines Jazz club. Lots of fun!

  2. simon

    Hey Gregor,

    Glad to hear that the new engine is doing well. I took our van out for it’s first road trip this past weekend since 2007 (just a one night trip to Gooseneck and the Hilton). The new wheels are great on the highway.