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Lucky Van

‘Lucky’ the van got some improvements over the winter.

  1. Remove Dashboard and replace heater core and blower motor
  2. Remove Kitchen unit and upgrade fridge with internal and external fans and new starting pump.
  3. Replace insulation behind fridge
  4. Upgrade second battery for more ‘off grid’ time
  5. Add locking cabinet under passenger seat
  6. Change all interior lighting to use LEDs
  7. Add passenger side map light
  8. Add U-Bolt to storage area for locking up laptops
  9. Upgrade rims and tires to 15″ HydroEdge
  10. Install mud flaps
  11. Install roof rack (for Thule)
  12. Install pop-top gas struts so that we can open it when the roof rack is on
  13. Fix side mirrors with new glass
  14. Fix interior and exterior rust
  15. Install new awning for the one that broke in high wind last year

This summer the van is going in to a company called GoWesty to get a rebuilt engine, new cooling system front to back and new exhaust components.

Lots of stuff, but all designed to make our lives in the van more pleasant.

Pictures will follow in future posts.


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